Finish Blow Internal Injury Wide Stun Wide Stun Aggravate Wound Aggravate Wound Mortal Blow Body-Mind Exchange Strong Body Reverse Effect Boomerang Effect Large Magic Missile Anesthesia Unstable Pose Aftershock Strong Contrary Wind Frostbite Soul Freeze Poison Sword Cure Dog Footsteps Knockback Summon Fusion Form Mind Division Pretor Transformation Infection Knockback Knockback Successive Smash Stun Attack Redirect Attack Horrifying Scream Wide Smash Fire Burst Powerful Smash Test_SkillMotionSpeed_30 Surprise Test_NormalFire Test_PowerAttack Test_MultiAttack Test_PointFire Test_ChainAttack1 Test_ChainAttack2 Lower-body Paralysis Powerful Lower Body Paralysis Powerful Lower Body Paralysis Powerful Shock Paralysis Stupefy Arrow Strike Repeated Arrow Strike Throw Big Object Impact Strikes Repeat Impact Strikes Quick Stride Decrease Epidemic Rabies Snake Venom Snake Venom Backstab Hide Shape Digestion Iron-Clad Jab Successive Strike Instant Shock Precise Rage Nerve Impact Absolute Zero Infected Mutation Poison Slash Thorn Pierce Back Disease Spray Spontaneous Healing Jab Successive Strike Successive Strike Instant Shock Surprise Attack Stun from Behind Bellicosity Hide Shape Gas Poison Impact Strikes Repeat Impact Strikes Insanity Eruption Insanity Eruption Insanity Eruption Gas Poison Lunacy Deadly Chain Flame Chain Deadly Chain Blessing of Rock Weaken Defense Powerful Attack Powerful Attack Pulverizing Assault Wrath Explosion Shivering Echo Crippling Cut Gouge Flesh Eat Explosion Mortal Fire Soul Block Mind Division Paralysis Wave Strong Contrary Wind Spider Poison Bellicosity Time to eat, children Bellicosity Looks delicious. Something is hatching... Absorb Vitality Self-Protection Storm Magic Missile Water Strike Water Strike Iron-Clad Poison Dart Crash Crash Crash Shock Poison Arrow Strike Artifact Trap Explosion Repeated Arrow Strike Artifact Trap Range: Heal Fire Throw Taunt I Taunt II Shock of Wind I Shock of Wind II Long-Range Thorn Attack Long Range Snare Power Shot Crash Crash Absolute Zero Strong Magical Blow Strong Magical Blow Flame Powerful Attack Powerful Damage Reflection Foaming at the Mouth