Blessing: Weakening II Blessing: Weakening III Blessing: Weakening IV Blessing: Slacken Muscles I Blessing: Slacken Muscles II Blessing: Slacken Muscles III Blessing: Spell Power I Blessing: Heavy Strkes I Blessing: Bleeding I Blessing: Poison Slash II Blessing: Poison Slash II Blessing: Trauma I Blessing: Trauma II Blessing: Trauma III Protection: Aether Conversion I Protection: Aether Conversion II Protection: Aether Conversion III Protection: Bolstered Attack I Protection: Bolstered Attack II Protection: Bolstered Attack III Protection: Redirect Power I Protection: Redirect Power II Protection: Reprisal I Protection: Reprisal II Protection: Feedback I Protection: Stasis Shield I Protection: Stasis Shield II Protection: Stasis Shield III Protection: Tethers I Protection: Tethers II Protection: Restore I Protection: Screech Barrier I Protection: Screech Barrier II Protection: Recoil I Protection: Recoil II Grace: Concentration I Grace: Concentration II Blessing: Successful Attack I Blessing: Successful Attack II Blessing: Successful Attack III Blessing: Successful Attack IV Protection: Evasive I Protection: Altered State Resist I Protection: Altered State Resist II Protection: Shock Resist I Protection: Shock Resist II Protection: Shock Resist III Protection: Shock Resist IV Protection: Fleet of Foot I Protection: Fleet of Foot II Protection: Fleet of Foot III Protection: Lag Attack I Protection: Lag Attack II Protection: Lag Attack III Protection: Lag Attack IV Protection: Safeguard I Protection: Strike Reflect I Protection: Strike Reflect II Protection: Hamper I Protection: Hamper II Protection: Hamper III Protection: PvP Attack Boost I Protection: Weaken PvP Attack I Protection: Weaken PvP Attack II Protection: Weaken PvP Attack III Protection: Boost PvP Defense I Protection: Boost PvP Defense II Protection: Weaken PvP Defense I Protection: Weaken PVP Defense II Protection: Weaken PVP Defense III Protection: Weaken PVP Defense IV Reverse Effect Fire Sparkle Anger Flight Sense Degeneration Show Weakness Show Weakness Dispel Blessing Reflect Blessing of Rock Blessing of Rock Blessing of Rock Anger Burst of Anger Seabreeze Shield Power Mustering Lowered Stamina Self-recovery Lowered Energy Dementia Strong Protection Strengthen Armor Enhance Fighting Spirit Mirror Magical Blessing Protective Shield Recovery Careful Hide Confident Full Confidence Lowered Stamina Strong Protection Pierce Scratch Pincers Smash Brandish Bash Chain Skill Rapid Bash Chain Skill Thrust Crouch Shout Thrust Magic Flame Bullet Flame Bullet Chain Skill Fast Flame Bullet Chain Skill Explosion Strike Back Bite Scream Powerful Knockback Punishment of the Goddess Fear Death Curse Shockwave Death Strike Quiet Shout Summon Gargoyle Severe Blow Thrust Endurance Severe Blow Chain Skill Rapid Severe Blow Chain Skill Healing Grace Spout Sticky Protection Fluid Wrath of Master Summon Artifact Test Skill Scratch Eye of Enervation Hide Spirit Charge Spirit Counterattack Cure of Nature Beg Anger Play Dead Wrathful Crush Strike Chain Skill Rapid Strike Chain Skill Strong Bite