Transformation: Guardian General V Tidal Wave of Abyss I Effect Test_Cannon_Effect Divine Rune I Bonus Effect Rune Swipe I Bonus Effect Tremor I Effect Indun No Glide Skill Low Indun No Glide Skill Middle Indun No Glide Skill High Promise to Recover Your MP Stomachache Apply Lethal Venom I Effect Blessing of Wind I Effect Blessing of Fire I Effect Blessing of Fire II Effect Blessing of Fire III Effect Blessing of Fire IV Effect Invincibility Mantra I Effect Lava Singe Wintry Armor I Effect Break Power IV Effect Sympathetic Heal II Effect Tremor II Effect Magic Mantra IV Effect Invincibility Mantra II Effect Intensity Mantra III Effect Apply Lethal Venom II Effect Apply Lethal Venom III Effect Apply Lethal Venom IV Effect Aura of Curse Sign of Infernal Blaze Aura of Curse Sign of Infernal Blaze Power of Revenge Power of Elimination Rune I Rune II Rune III Rune IV Rune V Stomachache Befuddled Full Stomach Stunned Stunned Stunned Stumble Stumble Stumble Blessing of Wind II Effect Blessing of Wind III Effect Blessing of Wind IV Effect Promise of Wind V Effect Promise of Aether IV Effect Blessing of Fire V Effect Weak Insignia of Light Protection Effect Weak Insignia of Darkness Protection Effect No Fly Warning Lava Singe Signet Silence I Effect Signet Silence I Effect Stunned Stumble Spin Aether's Hold Capture Call Gryphu I Call Gryphu I Drana's Solution Dispel Acid Drop Rate Boost effect_Basic Magic Implosion I Magic Implosion II Magic Implosion III Magic Implosion IV Robe of Cold III Effect Flame Attack Water Strike Wind Blood Strike Earth Axis Strike Capture You are flying a long distance. Aura Penetration Gaze of Darkness Tryinco's Curse Tryinco's Revelation Tryinco Rebirth Dimension Clairvoyance Launching Force Keen Cleverness I Effect Spear Spirit Hypnosis Weaken Healing Wall of Steel Cry of Ridicule Effect Cry of Ridicule Effect