[Event] Balic Materials Pouch [Event] Flux Pouch [Event] Jewel Pouch II Poppy's Lesser Bundle Poppy's Bundle Poppy's Greater Bundle Flarestorm's Fabled Headgear Chest Isbariya's Fabled Jacket Chest Stormwing's Fabled Weapon Chest Ahbana's Eternal Shoes Chest Macunbello's Eternal Gloves Chest Dorakiki the Bold's Eternal Shoulder Armor Chest Isbariya's Eternal Pants Chest Stormwing's Eternal Jacket Chest Stormwing's Eternal Weapon Chest Judge's Fabled Weapon Chest Drop by Class_IDLF1_TORSO_U1_50A [Event] Tahabata Weapon Box Drop by Class_DF3_SHOES_D_U1_47A Drop by Class_DF3_SHOULDER_D_U1_47A Drop by Class_DF3_GLOVE_D_U1_47A Drop by Class_IDDF3_ARMOR_D_U1_47A Drop by Class_DF3_PANTS_D_U1_47A Drop by Class_DF3_TORSO_D_U1_47A Drop by Class_DF3_WEAPON_D_U1_50A [Event] Hero's Chest Hero's Chest Drop by Class_IDLF1_TORSO_U1_50A_02 Drop by Class_IDLF1_TORSO_U1_50A_03 Drop by Class_IDLF1_TORSO_U1_50A_04 Gatneri's Fabled Weapon Chest Asparn's Fabled Weapon Chest Koakoa's Fabled Pants Chest Mantutu's Fabled Shoe Chest Lahulahu's Fabled Jacket Chest Grogget's Fabled Weapon Chest [Event] Balaur Materials Pouch II [Event] Balaur Materials Pouch III Cool Enchantment Stone Icebox Frozen Manastone Icebox Cool Enchantment Stone Icebox Bundle Frozen Manastone Icebox Bundle Enchantment Stone Box Manastone Box Enchantment Stone Bundle Manastone Box Bundle Felicitous Manastone Bundle - Fabled Felicitous Manastone Bundle - Eternal Felicitous Socketing (Fabled) Felicitous Socketing (Eternal) Refilling Enchantment Stone Box Refilling Manastone Box Bride's Makeup Box Wedding Bliss Package Romantically Yours Package Total Makeover Kit Bridal Makeup Bundle Rainbow Dye Pack II Silver Medal Box Gold Medal Box Platinum Medal Box Pouch of Scrolls Box of Stones I Box of Stones II Box of Stones III Box of Balic Materials Box of Fluxes Intriguing Box Lesser Relic Bundle Greater Relic Bundle Major Relic Bundle Tasty Candy Tasty Candy Outremus' Royal Gift Richelle's Royal Gift Outremus' Supply Package Richelle's Supply Package Veille's Royal Gift Mastarius' Royal Gift Box Blessed by Veille Box Blessed by Mastarius Piloti's Balic Materials [Event] Liltese's Belongings [Event] Amyna's Belongings [Event] Challenger's Treasure Box [Event] Broker's Treasure Box [Event] Small Coin Box [Event] Large Coin Box [Event] Small Coin Box [Event] Large Coin Box [Event] Simple Coliseum Treasure Box [Event] Fancy Coliseum Treasure Box [Event] Coliseum Treasure Box [Event] Shiny Coliseum Treasure Box [Event] Simple Coliseum Treasure Box [Event] Fancy Coliseum Treasure Box [Event] Coliseum Treasure Box [Event] Shiny Coliseum Treasure Box Veille's Premium Supplies Veille's Superior Supplies Veille's 3rd Grade Supplies Veille's Lesser Supplies Mastarius' Premium Supplies Mastarius' Superior Supplies Mastarius' 3rd Grade Supplies Mastarius' Lesser Supplies Arena Supplies Bundle Arena Supplies Bundle Vintage Grab Bag Vintage Grab Bag Vintage Grab Bag Vintage Grab Bag Gathered Items Pouch Gathered Items Pouch Aether Pouch Leather Pouch Aether Pouch Leather Pouch Weapon Material Pouch Weapon Material Pouch Guestpetal Bundle Shard Bundle Seal Removal Scroll Package (50) Bundle of Salvation Charming Pet Bundle Melee Manastone Bundle Magic Manastone Bundle Defense Manastone Bundle Greater Divine Remedy Bundle Major Divine Remedy Bundle Tough Scroll Bundle Tough Greater Scroll Bundle Smart Scroll Bundle Smart Greater Scroll Bundle Random Option Class Drop Test Item Random Option Disassemble Test Item Odella Bundle Food Bundle Elemental Stone Bundle Power Shard Bundle Red Medicine Bundle Blue Medicine Bundle Arrow Bundle Tripeed Bundle Scolopen Poison Bundle Dimensional Fragment Bundle Paper Bundle Paper Bundle Arena Ticket Supply Box