Small Obscura Fragment Shabby Obscura Fragment Obscura Fragment Coarse Obscura Fragment Big Obscura Fragment Solid Obscura Fragment Huge Obscura Fragment Cursed Obscura Fragment Rotten Lump of Flesh Rotten Lump of Flesh Decayed Lump of Flesh Stinking Lump of Flesh Lump of Flesh Fresh Lump of Flesh Thick Lump of Flesh Cured Lump of Flesh Tender Lump of Flesh Juicy Lump of Flesh Tattered Kselliki Leather Rough Kselliki Leather Holey Kselliki Leather Coarse Kselliki Leather Kselliki Leather Sturdy Kselliki Leather Intact Kselliki Leather Soft Kselliki Leather Lustrous Kselliki Leather Noble Kselliki Leather Stinking Sheluk Fluid Sticky Sheluk Fluid Sour Sheluk Fluid Thin Sheluk Fluid Sheluk Fluid Thick Sheluk Fluid Fresh Sheluk Fluid Concentrated Sheluk Fluid Dark Red Sheluk Fluid Noble Sheluk Fluid Broken Anubite Armor Rusted Anubite Armor Damaged Anubite Armor Old Anubite Armor Anubite Armor Oiled Anubite Armor Strong Anubite Armor Cursed Anubite Armor Jeweled Anubite Armor Noble Anubite Armor Stinking Slime Fluid Sticky Slime Fluid Sour Slime Fluid Thin Slime Fluid Slime Fluid Thick Slime Fluid Fresh Slime Fluid Concentrated Slime Fluid Dark Red Slime Fluid Noble Slime Fluid Crushed Kalgolem Fragment Useless Kalgolem Fragment Small Kalgolem Fragment Shabby Kalgolem Fragment Kalgolem Fragment Coarse Kalgolem Fragment Big Kalgolem Fragment Solid Kalgolem Fragment Huge Kalgolem Fragment Cursed Kalgolem Fragment Tattered Sparkle Leg Decayed Sparkle Leg Broken Sparkle Leg Stinking Sparkle Leg Scratched Sparkle Leg Sparkle Leg Intact Sparkle Leg Fresh Sparkle Leg Strong Sparkle Leg Huge Sparkle Leg Sparkie Carapace Fragment Tattered Sparkie Carapace Thin Sparkie Carapace Scratched Sparkie Carapace Sparkie Carapace Intact Sparkie Carapace Thick Sparkie Carapace Glossy Sparkie Carapace Hazy Sparkie Carapace Noble Sparkie Carapace Tattered Specter Rags Shabby Specter Rags Torn Specter Rags Worn Specter Rags Old Specter Rags Dirty Specter Rags Mended Specter Rags Unkempt Specter Rags Specter Rags Blessed Specter Rags Tattered Sprigg Leather Rough Sprigg Leather Holey Sprigg Leather Coarse Sprigg Leather Sprigg Leather Sturdy Sprigg Leather Intact Sprigg Leather Soft Sprigg Leather Lustrous Sprigg Leather Blessed Sprigg Leather Tattered Spriggan Pelt Rough Spriggan Pelt Holey Spriggan Pelt Coarse Spriggan Pelt Spriggan Pelt Sturdy Spriggan Pelt Intact Spriggan Pelt Soft Spriggan Pelt Lustrous Spriggan Pelt Blessed Spriggan Pelt Tattered Spriggan Leather Rough Spriggan Leather Holey Spriggan Leather Coarse Spriggan Leather Spriggan Leather Sturdy Spriggan Leather Intact Spriggan Leather Soft Spriggan Leather Lustrous Spriggan Leather Blessed Spriggan Leather Tattered Arch Spriggan Pelt Rough Arch Spriggan Pelt Holey Arch Spriggan Pelt Coarse Arch Spriggan Pelt Arch Spriggan Pelt Sturdy Arch Spriggan Pelt Intact Arch Spriggan Pelt Soft Arch Spriggan Pelt Lustrous Arch Spriggan Pelt Blessed Arch Spriggan Pelt Tattered Starcrab Leg Rotten Starcrab Leg Broken Starcrab Leg Stinking Starcrab Leg Scratched Starcrab Leg Starcrab Leg Intact Starcrab Leg Fresh Starcrab Leg Strong Starcrab Leg Huge Starcrab Leg Shell Piece