Morati's Secret Remedy Seznec's Secret Remedy Kobold Arrow 01 Kobold Arrow 02 Arrow Cleria Arrow Test Arrow Krall Throwing Spear Krall Throwing Spear Krall Throwing Spear Krall Throwing Spear Krall Throwing Spear Krall Throwing Spear Krall Throwing Spear Krall Throwing Spear Krall Throwing Spear Drakan Arrow01 Soul Arrow Manduri Rambutan Arrow Transformation buff that is maintained after death Transformation debuff that is maintained after death Poison debuff that is maintained after death Guardian General Buff Test Item 08 Non-self Resurrection Test Scroll Elemental Stone of Resurrection Fiery Elemental Stone Elemental Stone of Water Elemental Stone of Wind Elemental Stone of Earth Lesser Physical Defense Scroll Lesser Accuracy Scroll Lesser Evasion Scroll Lesser Physical Attack Scroll Lesser Resist Magic Scroll Lesser Magical Attack Scroll Boost Elemental Defense Blessing of Elim Ettin Form Scroll Draconute Form Scroll Worg Form Scroll Worg Soul Level 1 Worg Soul Level 2 Worg Soul Level 3 Vanar's Kerosene Lamp Bacorerk's Oil Black Opal Tree Sap Movement Speed Scroll Wrath of Elim Sparkie Sap Frightcorn's Memory Fire Crystal King of Beasts' Roar King of Beasts' Shield Scroll Scolopen Poisoned Stinger Drake's Memory Mau Protective Amulet Volcano Crystal Karnif's Soul Level 1 Karnif's Soul Level 2 Karnif's Soul Level 3 Resist Magic Scroll Lesser Fireproof Scroll Fireproof Scroll Greater Fireproof Scroll Major Fireproof Scroll Lesser Earthproof Scroll Earthproof Scroll Greater Earthproof Scroll Major Earthproof Scroll Lesser Waterproof Scroll Waterproof Scroll Greater Waterproof Scroll Major Waterproof Scroll Lesser Windproof Scroll Windproof Scroll Greater Windproof Scroll Major Windproof Scroll Lesser Crit Strike Scroll Crit Strike Scroll Greater Crit Strike Scroll Lesser Anti-Shock Scroll Anti-Shock Scroll Greater Anti-Shock Scroll Major Anti-Shock Scroll Lesser Courage Scroll Courage Scroll Greater Courage Scroll Lesser Running Scroll Running Scroll Greater Running Scroll Lesser Raging Wind Scroll Raging Wind Scroll Greater Raging Wind Scroll Lestin's Tears Blessing of Concentration Blessing of Devotion Anoramas Shell Magni Fruit Sanctum Scroll Verteron Citadel Scroll Eltnen Fortress Scroll New Heiron Gate Scroll Pandaemonium Scroll Altgard Fortress Scroll Morheim Fortress Scroll Beluslan Fortress Scroll Observatory Orb of Returning Orb of Return to Baltasar Hill Village Seed of Detection Drana Bomb Teminon Fortress Scroll Primum Fortress Scroll Taloc's Tears Kaspa_NoFly Buff for Display Insignia of Light Protection Insignia of Darkness Protection Blessing of Concentration Blessing of Devotion Inggison Illusion Fortress Scroll Gelkmaros Fortress Scroll Fine Life Potion Fine Mana Potion Fine Life Serum Fine Mana Serum Fine Wind Serum Fine Recovery Serum Fine Fireproof Scroll Fine Earthproof Scroll Fine Waterproof Scroll Fine Windproof Scroll Major Crit Strike Scroll Lesser Crit Spell Scroll Crit Spell Scroll Greater Crit Spell Scroll Major Crit Spell Scroll Lesser Strike Resist Scroll Strike Resist Scroll Greater Strike Resist Scroll Major Strike Resist Scroll Lesser Spell Resist Scroll Spell Resist Scroll Greater Spell Resist Scroll Major Spell Resist Scroll Fine Anti-Shock Scroll Lesser Awakening Scroll Awakening Scroll Greater Awakening Scroll Fine Recovery Potion