Abex Cheese Soup Abex Cheese Omelette Spicy Cheese Plucar Fried Cheese Plucar Roasted Cheese Pepento Broiled Cheese Pepento Plucar Dragon Salad Boiled Plucar Dragon Plucar Dragon Soup Rava Dragon Omelette Spicy Pepento Dragon Fried Pepento Dragon Roast Pepento Dragon Broiled Rava Dragon Sweet Plucar Dragon Salad Boiled Sweet Plucar Dragon Sweet Plucar Dragon Soup Sweet Plucar Dragon Omelette Spicy Sweet Pepento Dragon Fried Sweet Pepento Dragon Roast Sweet Pepento Dragon Broiled Sweet Pepento Dragon Plucar Dragon Oil Salad Boiled Plucar Dragon in Oil Plucar Dragon Oil Soup Plucar Dragon Oil Omelette Spicy Pepento Dragon in Oil Fried Pepento Dragon in Oil Roast Pepento Dragon in Oil Fresh Pepento Juice Fresh Spicy Seasoned Abex Fresh Fried Kucien Fresh Boiled Plucar Fresh Broiled Plucar Juicy Pepento Salad Fresh Boiled Pepento Fresh Menthcrem Soup Fresh Spicy Abex Omelette Fresh Hot and Spicy Abex Fresh Fried Spicy Plucar Fresh Roasted Spicy Plucar Fresh Broiled Spicy Pepento Fresh Spicy Pepento Salad Fresh Boiled Spicy Pepento Fresh Abex Cheese Soup Fresh Abex Cheese Omelette Fresh Spicy Cheese Plucar Fresh Fried Cheese Plucar Fresh Roasted Cheese Pepento Fresh Broiled Cheese Pepento Fresh Plucar Dragon Salad Fresh Boiled Plucar Dragon Fresh Plucar Dragon Soup Succulent Rava Dragon Omelette Fresh Spicy Pepento Dragon Fresh Fried Pepento Dragon Fresh Roast Pepento Dragon Fresh Broiled Rava Dragon Fresh Sweet Plucar Dragon Salad Fresh Boiled Sweet Plucar Dragon Fresh Sweet Plucar Dragon Soup Fresh Sweet Plucar Dragon Omelette Fresh Spicy Sweet Pepento Dragon Fresh Fried Sweet Pepento Dragon Fresh Roast Sweet Pepento Dragon Fresh Broiled Sweet Pepento Dragon Fresh Oily Plucar Dragon Salad Fresh Oily Boiled Plucar Dragon Fresh Oily Plucar Dragon Soup Fresh Oily Plucar Dragon Omelette Fresh Oily Spicy Pepento Dragon Fresh Oily Fried Pepento Dragon Fresh Oily Roast Pepento Dragon Savory Basil Dragon Meat Basil Dragon Meat Soup Delicious Steamed Dragon Meat [Abbey] Red Wine Poma Dumplings [Abbey] Crestlich Herb Sausage [Abbey] Leafy Crestlich Sandwich Roast Porgus Savory Junia Broiled Qooqoo Augri Omelette Maricca Curry Lini Salad Fried Sylphen Spicy Slink Methu Soup Lisheri Juice Roast Starcrab Savory Mela Broiled Elroco Kukuru Omelette Rubus Curry Mela Salad Fried Tog Spicy Potcrab Potcrab Soup Mela Juice Roast Brax Savory Micory Broiled Brax Umeru Omelette Kimita Curry Puchida Salad Fried Sparkie Spicy Brax Brax Soup Neira Juice Roast Slink Savory Tikel Broiled Pluma Horto Omelette Ringa Curry Krimer Salad Fried Mosbear Spicy Tog Mosbear Soup Raydam Juice Roast Beriti Tog Savory Beriti Fungen Broiled Beriti Frillneck Beriti Cheese Omelette Beriti Rabano Curry Beriti Ksellid Salad Fried Beriti Griffon Spicy Beriti Porgus Beriti Cheese Soup Beriti Kirka Juice Steel Rake Swabbie Form Candy Steel Rake Scout Form Candy Shulack Whole Tub Honey Pudding Shulack Double Chili Shulack Super Duper Dumpling Can be used by Level 10 or above Can be used by Level 30 or below Can be used by Level 10 ~ 30 Level 40 Attack Power Increase Shop Food Level 40 Magic Boost Increase Shop Food Level 40 Maximum HP Increase Shop Food Level 40 Maximum MP Increase Shop Food Level 40 Accuracy Increase Shop Food Level 40 Evasion Increase Shop Food Level 40 Magic Accuracy Increase Shop Food Level 40 Resist Magic Increase Shop Food Level 40 HP Regeneration Shop Food Level 40 MP Regeneration Shop Food Scarlet Warmth Food