Darrinerk's Wing Feather Tashunerk's Wing Feather Midnight Wing Feather Abyssal Wing Feather Magical_Resist +300 Wings (Basic) Magical_Resist +300 Wings (Bonus) Nestor's Wing Feather Sigyn's Wing Feather Haroshunerk's Wing Feather Agony Wing Feather Haroshunerk's Noble Wing Feather Noble Agony Wing Feather Daloshunerk's Noble Wing Feather Noble Abyssal Wing Feather Chantinerk's Wing Feather Despair Wing Feather Chantinerk's Noble Wing Feather Noble Despair Wing Feather Storm Wings Operative's Wings Chief Operative's Wings Crusader's Wings Chief Crusader's Wings Noble Operative's Wings Noble Chief Operative's Wings Noble Crusader's Wings Noble Chief Crusader's Wings Bold Operative's Wings Bold Chief Operative's Wings Bold Crusader's Wings Bold Chief Crusader's Wings Orichalcum Key Wings Wings of The Circle Wings of The Circle Wings of The Circle Yuditio's Wing Feather Munin's Wing Feather Lucky Wings Lucky Wings Wing_Test_Paid_01 Wing_Test_Paid_02 Wing_Test_Paid_03 Wing_Test_Paid_04 Wing_Test_Shop_01 Wing_Test_Quest_01 Wing_Test_Housing_01 Wing_Test_Unified Named_01 Wing_Test_Elemental_01 Balance Test_Wing_E1_56A Balance Test_Wing_E1_58A Balance Test_Wing_E1_60A Balance Test_Wing_U1_56A Balance Test_Wing_U1_58A Balance Test_Wing_U1_60A Level 60 Fabled Average Equipment Wing Level 60 Eternal Average Equipment Wing Reian Elite Soldier's Wing Kahrun's Wing Ancient Spirit's Wings Test Augment Phase 1 Jerkin Test Augment Phase 2 Jerkin Gauon's Wings Oriel Wings of Peace Oriel Wings of Glory Oriel Wings of Victory Noble Oriel's Wing Darina's Wing Pernon Wings of Peace Pernon Wings of Glory Pernon Wings of Victory Noble Pernon's Wing Ancanus' Wing Feather Skafir's Wing Feather Wing Feather of Magic Wing Feather of Fallen Angel Oriel Wings of Victory Oriel Wings of Victory Pernon Wings of Victory Pernon Wings of Victory NPC Tiamat Eternal Wings NPC Legion Fabled Wings NPC Wings for Growth Support Balance Test_Wings_U1_61A Balance Test_Wings_U1_63A Balance Test_Wings_U1_65A Balance Test_Wings_E1_65A Balance Test_PVP_Wings_U1_65A Balance Test_PVP_Wings_E1_65A Triumphant Legion's Wings Honorable Legion's Wings Tiamat's Spectral Wings Balance Test_Wing_U1_62A Balance Test_Wing_U1_64A Balance Test_Wing_M1_65A Ancient Spirit's Wings WingAppearanceModificationTest_01A WingAppearanceModificationTest_02A WingAppearanceModificationTest_03A WingAppearanceModificationTest_04A WingAppearanceModificationTest_05A WingAppearanceModificationTest_06A WingAppearanceModificationTest_07A WingAppearanceModificationTest_08A APTest_Wing_C_40lv APTest_Wing_E_60lv APTest_Wing_M_65lv APTest_Wing_M_65lv NPC Goldrinerk Daily Wings NPC Environment Daily Wings Courageous Silverine Wings Wise Silverine Wings Noble Silverine Wings Smart Silverine Wings Courageous Greenkeeper's Wings