Resonating Melody I Resonating Melody II Resonating Melody III Resonating Melody IV Resonating Melody V Dance Off I Captivate I Protective Ode I Protective Ode II Protective Ode III Protective Ode IV Protective Ode V Flight: Blessing of the Bards Fiery Requiem I Seraphic Song Inspiration I Minstrel's Flair I Minstrel's Flair II Minstrel's Flair III Minstrel's Flair IV Minstrel's Flair V Hymn of Thanksgiving I Hymn of Thanksgiving II Resonant Melody I Resonant Melody II Resonant Melody III Resonant Melody IV Syncopated Echo I Syncopated Echo II Syncopated Echo III Symphony of Destruction I Symphony of Destruction II Symphony of Destruction III Sonicportation I Soaring Sonnet I Soothing Counterpoint I Soothing Counterpoint II Soothing Counterpoint III Soothing Counterpoint IV Soothing Counterpoint V Harpist's Pod I Soothing Finale I Soothing Finale II Soothing Finale III Sonic Gust I Aria of Hope I Fluttered Note I Fluttered Note II Fluttered Note III Fluttered Note IV Fluttered Note V Song of Earth I Song of Earth II Song of Earth III Song of Earth IV Resonant Finale I Resonant Finale II Bright Flourish I Bright Flourish II Bright Flourish III Dragon Song I Dragon Song II Dragon Song III Bright Stroke I Bright Stroke II Bright Stroke III Bright Stroke IV Purifying Paean I Resonant Counterpoint I Resonant Counterpoint II Resonant Counterpoint III Resonant Counterpoint IV Chorus of Fortitude I Bright Strike I Bright Strike II Bright Strike III Bright Strike IV Quaver I Sparrow's Chirp I Etude I Etude II Moonlight Lament I Sonic Splash I Adagio I Adagio II Adagio III Adagio IV Adagio V Thronesong I Thronesong II Reduce Enmity Increase Rate I Reduce Enmity Increase Rate II Boost Healing I Boost Healing II Boost Healing III Boost Healing IV Raise Elemental Defense I Boost Magical Attack I Boost Magical Attack II Boost Magical Attack III Boost Maximum MP I Boost Maximum MP II Boost Maximum MP III Boost Spell Resist I Boost Spell Resist II Advanced Stringed Instrument Training II Advanced Stringed Instrument Training III Advanced Stringed Instrument Training IV Green Grenade I Packed Bomb I Gunshot II Gunshot III Gunshot IV Gunshot V Gunshot VI Rapidfire I Rapidfire II Rapidfire III Rapidfire IV Rapidfire V Rapidfire VI Bullet Resistance I Spinning Fire I Wing Clip I Wing Clip II Wing Clip III Wing Clip IV Parting Shot I Parting Shot II Parting Shot III Parting Shot IV Freeze Cannon I Canted Shot I Canted Shot II Canted Shot III Canted Shot IV Bulletproof I Seeker Round I Seeker Round II Seeker Round III Hot Shot I Hot Shot II Hot Shot III Volley I Volley II Volley III Volley IV Volley V Anti-Enemy Fire I