Steady Fire VII Stable Stance I Shock and Awe I Shock and Awe II Shock and Awe III Shock and Awe IV Shock and Awe V Shock and Awe VI Quieting Gale I Quieting Gale II Quieting Gale III Quieting Gale IV Quieting Gale V Quieting Gale VI Quieting Gale VII Missile Guide I Dazzling Fire I Dazzling Fire II Dazzling Fire III Dazzling Fire IV Survival Instinct I Fiery Blast I Fiery Blast II Fiery Blast III Fiery Blast IV Fiery Blast V Fiery Blast VI Fiery Blast VII Hemorrhage Shot I Hemorrhage Shot II Hemorrhage Shot III Hemorrhage Shot IV Hemorrhage Shot V Hemorrhage Shot VI Hemorrhage Shot VII Shattering Wave III Nullification Trigger I Life Support Trigger I Life Support Trigger II Life Support Trigger III Life Support Trigger IV Life Support Trigger V Life Support Trigger VI Life Support Trigger VII Life Support Trigger VIII Drillbore I Drillbore II Drillbore III Drillbore IV Drillbore V Drillbore VI Drillbore VII Riplash I Riplash II Riplash III Riplash IV Riplash V Riplash VI Recharge I Recharge II Recharge III Recharge IV Recharge V Steel Storm I Steel Storm II Steel Storm III Steel Storm IV Steel Storm V Aimbot Assist I Aimbot Assist II Gattling Gun I Gattling Gun II Leeching Steel I Aether Recharge I Particle Whip I Particle Whip II Particle Whip III Particle Whip IV Particle Whip V Particle Whip VI Particle Whip VII Stability Thrusters I Stability Thrusters II Stability Thrusters III Stability Thrusters IV Stability Thrusters V Stability Thrusters VI Stability Thrusters VII Rain of Knuckles I Rain of Knuckles II Rain of Knuckles III Rain of Knuckles IV Rain of Knuckles V Rain of Knuckles VI Aethercharged Steel I Aethercharged Steel II Aethercharged Steel III Aethercharged Steel IV Aethercharged Steel V Meteor Strike I Meteor Strike II Meteor Strike III Meteor Strike IV Debilitating Blade I Debilitating Blade II Debilitating Blade III Debilitating Blade IV Debilitating Blade V Debilitating Blade VI Debilitating Blade VII Boost Mobility I Mobility Thrusters II Mobility Thrusters III Convulsion Beam I Convulsion Beam II Convulsion Beam III Convulsion Beam IV Convulsion Beam V Convulsion Beam VI Trauma Plate Trigger I Trauma Plate Trigger II Trauma Plate Trigger III Trauma Plate Trigger IV Trauma Plate Trigger V Kinetic Bulwark I Paralysis Cannon I Paralysis Cannon II Paralysis Cannon III Kinetic Bulwark II Kinetic Bulwark III Kinetic Bulwark IV Hammer for Weaponsmithing Hammer for Armorsmithing Handicrafting Chisel Alchemy Kit Carpentry Saw Tailoring Kit Tailoring Kit Oven Armor Forge Weapon Forge Workbench Alchemist's Table Workbench Loom Loom Oven Armor Forge