Novice's Archon Garnet Ring Novice's Archon Lazuli Ring Siel's Western Fortress Seal Ring Siel's Eastern Fortress Seal Ring Sulfur Fortress Seal Ring Roah Fortress Seal Ring Asteria Fortress Seal Ring Krotan Refuge Seal Ring Kysis Fortress Seal Ring Miren Fortress Seal Ring Divine Fortress Seal Ring Altar of Avarice Fortress Seal Ring Temple of Scales Fortress Seal Ring Vorgaltem Citadel Fortress Seal Ring Crimson Temple Fortress Seal Ring Silverine Jewel Ring Silverine Crystal Ring Fascinating Silverine Jewel Ring Fascinating Silverine Crystal Ring Greenkeeper's Jewel Ring Greenkeeper's Crystal Ring Delicate Greenkeeper's Jewel Ring Delicate Greenkeeper's Crystal Ring Rotan's Ring Rotan's Circlet Telemachus' Ring Corrupt Judge's Topaz Ring Corrupt Judge's Aquamarine Ring Tirins' Jewel Ring Belius' Jewel Ring Tirins' Crystal Ring Belius' Crystal Ring Vard's Jewel Ring Penion's Jewel Ring Vard's Crystal Ring Penion's Crystal Ring BaseStatAddedTest2_Ring_E1_50E Strident Combat Ring Strident Magic Ring Constant Combat Ring Constant Magic Ring Constant Ring Presidium Combat Ring Presidium Magic Ring Custodian's Combat Ring Custodian's Magic Ring Ministry Combat Ring Ministry Magic Ring Shepherd's Combat Ring Shepherd's Magic Ring Opal Ring Durable Opal Ring Master Noble Opal Ring Master Opal Ring Hard Opal Ring Lesser Master Noble Opal Ring Lesser Master Opal Ring Fiery Noble Ophidan Ring Fiery Ophidan Ring Flame Noble Ophidan Ring Flame Ophidan Ring Nolan Ring Durable Nolan Ring Master Noble Nolan Ring Master Nolan Ring Hard Nolan Ring Lesser Master Noble Nolan Ring Lesser Master Nolan Ring Impish Noble Ophidan Ring Impish Ophidan Ring Eldritch Noble Ophidan Ring Eldritch Ophidan Ring Katalam Jewel Ring Katalam Crystal Ring Hyperion's Opal Ring Enraged Hyperion's Opal Ring Hyperion's Nolan Ring Enraged Hyperion's Nolan Ring Noble Guardian Conqueror's Corundum Ring Noble Guardian Conqueror's Turquoise Ring Noble Archon Conqueror's Corundum Ring Noble Archon Conqueror's Turquoise Ring Vanquisher's Flame Ring Vanquisher's Freezing Ring Persistent Combat Ring Persistent Magic Ring Persistent Ring Hyperion's Ceramium Ring Enraged Hyperion's Ceramium Ring Exalted Opal Ring Exalted Nolan Ring Sauro Guard's Corundum Ring Sauro Guard's Turquoise Ring Sauren Corundum Ring Sauren Turquoise Ring Sauro Commander's Corundum Ring Sauro Commander's Turquoise Ring Danann Divine Combat Ring Danann Divine Magic Ring Danann Noble Combat Ring Danann Noble Magic Ring Resolute Combat Ring Resolute Magic Ring Showdown Combat Ring Showdown Magic Ring Showdown Ring Discordant Combat Ring Discordant Magic Ring Discordant Ring Diecasted Ring Sandcasted Ring Power Addition Test Item Krotan Refuge Ring (7 days) Kysis Fortress Ring (7 days) Miren Fortress Ring (7 days) Equipment Only Manastone Test Item Dawnwing Divine Corundum Ring Dawnwing Divine Turquoise Ring Shadewing Divine Corundum Ring Duskwing Divine Turquoise Ring Dawnwing Corundum Ring Dawnwing Turquoise Ring Shadewing Corundum Ring Duskwing Turquoise Ring Power Addition Test Item Kunax's Opal Ring Kunax's Nolan Ring Awakened Ahserion's Opal Ring Awakened Ahserion's Nolan Ring Lesser Betrayer's Ruby Ring Lesser Betrayer's Sapphire Ring Greater Betrayer's Ruby Ring Greater Betrayer's Sapphire Ring Legendary Noble Opal Ring Legendary Noble Nolan Ring Legendary Opal Ring Legendary Nolan Ring Altar of Avarice Fortress Seal Ring (7 days) Temple of Scales Fortress Seal Ring (7 days) Vorgaltem Citadel Fortress Seal Ring (7 days) Crimson Temple Fortress Seal Ring (7 days) Power Addition Test Item Noble Guardian Commander's Combat Ring Noble Guardian Commander's Magic Ring Noble Archon Commander's Combat Ring Noble Archon Commander's Magic Ring Seal Ring of the Divine Fortress (7 days) Altgard Legionary Corundum Ring Altgard Legionary Turquoise Ring