Termination Spellbook Discordant Spellbook Chance of ancient manastone slot division_A Chance of ancient manastone slot division_B Chance of ancient manastone slot division_C Enraged Mastarius' Spellbook Skin Enraged Veille's Tome Skin Untradable Wrapping Test_Two-handed_Soul Binding Untradable Wrapping Test_Two-handed_Tradable Untradable Wrapping Test_Two-handed_Soul Binding+Untradable Untradable Wrapping Test_Two-handed_Untradable Untradable Wrapping Test_Two-handed_Untradable (temporary trade) Untradable Wrapping Test_Two-handed_Untradable (quest) Grigol's Spellbook Skin Godstone Activation Suppressing Stat_Test_Two-handed_A Godstone Activation Suppressing Stat_Test_Two-handed_B Godstone Activation Suppressing Stat_Test_Two-handed_C Godstone Activation Suppressing Stat_Test_Two-handed_D [Event] Tatar's Spellbook NPC 4.5 Normal Abyss Spellbook NPC 4.5 Asmodian Abyss Spellbook NPC 4.5 Instanced Dungeon Defense Spellbook Pirate's Treasure Map Resplendent Grimoire Seraph Grimoire Eclipse Grimoire Shadowshift Grimoire Power Addition Test Item Pirate's Treasure Map (5 hours) Pirate's Treasure Map (7 days) Pirate's Treasure Map (15 days) Pirate's Treasure Map (30 days) Pirate's Treasure Map (1 day) Aegis Spellbook Brazen Aegis Spellbook Bloodburn Spellbook [Event] Shadow Wraith Kansubon [Event] Audron Spellbook NPC Elyos Territory Sorcerer's Spellbook NPC Asmodian Territory Sorcerer's Spellbook NPC Veteran Elyos Sorcerer's Spellbook NPC Veteran Asmodian Sorcerer's Spellbook Padmarashka's Raging Spellbook Skin Sematariux's Spellbook Skin pvpActiveDefense_Test_Two-handed_A pvpActiveDefense_Test_Two-handed_B pvpActiveDefense_Test_Two-handed_C pvpActiveDefense_Test_Two-handed_D pvpActiveDefense_Test_Two-handed_E pvpActiveDefense_Test_Two-handed_F Daystar Grimoire Daystar Grimoire Evestar Grimoire Evestar Grimoire Dawnwing Grimoire Blazewing Grimoire Shadewing Grimoire Duskwing Grimoire Tiamat Guard's Spellbook NPC World Event Spellbook NPC Idgel Dome Spellbook Enchantment System Test Item npc Ahserion's Flight Spellbook npc Danuar Reliquary Strengthened Spellbook npc Katalamyze Strengthened Spellbook npc Illuminary Obelisk Strengthened Spellbook npc PvP Special Strengthened Spellbook npc PvE Special Strengthened Spellbook Destroyer Kunax's Spellbook Kunax's Spellbook Awakened Ahserion's Spellbook Pure Lunatic Modor's Spellbook Pure Enraged Hyperion's Spellbook Pure Incensed Hyperion's Spellbook Pure Dynatoum's Radiant Spellbook Darok's Spellbook Iggnin's Spellbook Fine Betrayer's Spellbook Superb Betrayer's Spellbook Noble Special Greater Ophidan Spellbook Legendary Noble Katalium Spellbook Special Greater Ophidan Spellbook Legendary Katalium Spellbook Taipaum's Spellbook Gustafi's Spellbook Lesser Betrayer's Spellbook Greater Betrayer's Spellbook Adorned Spellbook Levinshor Conqueror's Spellbook Guardian Equerry's Grimoire Archon Equerry's Grimoire Enchantment System Test Item Enchantment System Test Item Elite Proctor's Spellbook Elite Arbiter's Spellbook Malefic Spellbook Ancient Shugo's Noble Tome NPC Panesterra Cutscene Asmodian Spellbook 01 NPC Panesterra Cutscene Asmodian Spellbook 02 NPC Kaldor Elyos Scholar Spellbook 01 NPC Kaldor Asmodian Scholar Spellbook 01 Beloved Tome Beloved Tome (5 hours) Beloved Tome (1 day) Beloved Tome (7 days) Beloved Tome (15 days) Beloved Tome (30 days) [Event] Heartseeker Tome NPC Kaldor Elyos Veteran Guard Spellbook NPC Kaldor Asmodian Veteran Guard Spellbook [Event] Pureheart Tome Beloved Tome Enraged Crimson Dragon's Tome Noble Guardian Govenor's Spellbook Noble Archon Govenor's Spellbook npc AbyssHighTuning Spellbook Inherited Spellbook Buccaneer's Spellbook Verteron Legionary Spellbook Altgard Legionary Spellbook Verteron Light Legionary Spellbook Altgard Dark Legionary Spellbook Eltnen Light Legionary Spellbook Morheim Dark Legionary Spellbook Eltnen Bright Legionary Spellbook Morheim Shade Legionary Spellbook Eltnen Sun Legionary Spellbook Morheim Shadow Legionary Spellbook Heiron Defender's Spellbook Beluslan Protector's Spellbook Heiron Sun Legionary Spellbook Beluslan Shadow Legionary Spellbook Atreian Faithful Spellbook Atreian Allegiant Spellbook npc Elyos Ancient Civilization Researcher Spellbook npc Asmodian Ancient Civilization Researcher Spellbook Surprise Solorius Card Snowy Solorius Card Golden Spellbook npc_StarWeapon_Spellbook_E_65A npc_StarWeapon_Spellbook_M_65A Nether Dragon's Spellbook Nether Dragon King's Spellbook Special Emissary's Grimoire Special Ambassador's Grimoire Special Elite Emissary's Grimoire Special Elite Ambassador's Grimoire Resurgent Daevanion Grimoire Renewed Daevanion Grimoire