ID: 101700758
Kaisinel's Blessed Bow
god stone
Very Slow 1 Strike Weapon
Can be used above level 1
Amplification Available
Unstorable in Account Warehouse
Unstorable in Legion Warehouse
Cannot be enhanced

250 - 340
Magical Acc
Crit Strike
Atk Speed

Maximum HP
Crit Strike
Maximum MP
Atk Speed

Enchantment Level 0/15
Manastone socketing (for manastones of level 70 or lower)
mana stone mana stone mana stone mana stone mana stone
Add Idian effect (For level 70 or lower Idian)
Buy price: 2 499 500 kinah
Sell price: 499 900 kinah

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FrankJScott 10-01-2021 21:08

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ID   Name Level GRADE Race
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ID   Name Level Current Region/Category Basic Reward Race
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Kaisinel's Blessed Bow