ID: 20060
The Four Hearts
icon Quest
Type: Campaign
Category: Tiamaranta
Level: 999
Asmodian Only

Talk with Skafir. Clear out the beasts for the Reians. Weva the Stubborn (1) Ganur the Swift (1) Zambir the Unyielding (1) Go to the Outcrop Overlook and talk with Garnon. Protect Garnon. Talk with Garnon. Order: You have new orders in Tiamaranta. Meet with Governor Skafir.
Skafir summoned you, asking you to work with Garnon in Tiamaranta, just as you did in Sarpan. She told you of four fortresses that Timat drew on for power. Destroying them, Skafir suggested, would weaken Tiamat considerably.

You met Garnon near one of the forts, the Heart of Fissure. She told you she was ready to assault the fissure, but needed protecting from the Balaur as she concentrated. She then started, and though you were successful in defending her, the attack still failed.

Garnon suggested you two meet again once she had discussed the failed attack with her council.

Full quest's text:
Thanks for coming so quickly, Player.

I've heard plenty about you. I've heard about your immense skills and unrelenting determination in the face of overwhelming odds. But that isn't why I summoned you here today, no.

You're here because you're a friend of the Reians. I've heard about the work you did with Garnon and the others in Sarpan. I want you to continue that work and build on this fledgling relationship. The Asmodian spirit has brought us this far--think of the potential if we were to secure an ally as powerful as the Reians!
Of course they are. Their survival in Balaurea didn't come through sheer chance. But listen now as I tell you about the task at hand.

Our ultimate goal here, as you know, is to defeat Tiamat and liberate Tiamaranta. But to do that, we must first weaken Tiamat's powers. The great Dragon Lord draws power through four fortresses: the Heart of Fissure, Heart of Gravity, Heart of Wrath, and Heart of Petrification. Destroy the four Hearts, and we'll gain access to Tiamaranta's Eye, through which we can attack Tiamat directly.

Garnon herself has declared the Reians ready for the task at hand. First though, you must clear an area for her troops. We've identified the Fissure Barrens as a suitable area. Go there and kill Weva the Stubborn, Ganur the Swift, and Zambir the Unyielding. Once you're done, head to the Outcrop Overlook and meet Garnon.
I have been waiting for you, Player.

Skafir explained her plans to me. I must admit, I was skeptical that such a bold plan would ever work, but then I heard that you were going to be involved. Now, at least, I can dare to hope.

Now, we've been doing some research on the Heart of Fissure, and have noticed something strange: its power ebbs and flows, much like the tides. If we time our attack correctly, we'll assault it at its weakest, maximizing our chance of success!
Now, I'm ready to attack, but you need to know that once I start, the Balaur will certainly react.

We'll need to work as a team, you and I. I'll attack the Heart of Fissure, you defend me from the Balaur. If I'm hurt or if my concentration falters, we will fail.

All right. Everything is set. Are you ready, friend?
It was too strong. Though I could feel the fissure weakening with each attack, it would quickly bolster itself and recover its strength.

Still, all is not lost. We will take this information and act on it. We didn't lose anyone, and we gained knowledge. A successful failure, if you like.

Thank you for your help. I'll talk with my council and contact you when ready.

Basic Reward
icon 14 443 642 XP
- Superb Kahrun's Box
Additional info
Quest giverSkafir
Recommended level58
Repeat count1
Can share
Can cancel
RaceAsmodian Only
ClassWarrior, Scout, Mage, Priest, Technist, Muse, Gladiator, Templar, Assassin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, Chanter, Cleric, Gunslinger, Songweaver

This quest opens access to following quests:
Powering On

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