ID: 26836
Weakened Artefact of Knowledge
icon Quest
Type: Campaign
Category: Artefact of Knowledge
Lv.: 66
Asmodian Only

Talk to Peregran in the Museum of Knowledge. Go to theLibrary of Counsel in the centre of the Museum of Knowledge. Destroy Weda's Kontesius. Follow the disappeared Kontesius Chase Kontesius who disappeared in the direction of the Knowledge Court. Defeat Seal Protector Mezram and chase Kontesius, who disappeared through Ganesh's Gate. Overwhelm the Artefact Protector Ganesh Go to the Library of Counsel. Defeat Kontesius and Ostia, who are protecting the Agent. Kontesius (1) Ostia (1) Protect Agent Peregran from the Otherworld Creatures. Destroy the Dimensional Monster Bulion. Destroy Bulion's Tentacle. Go to Bulion's Heart and destroy Bulion's Heart. Destroy the Dimensional Monster Bulion (1). Click on Immediate reward in the Quest Journal or talk to Agent Peregran in the Library of Counsel. Go to the centre of the Museum of Knowledge and look for the Artefact Core.
Once you met with Agent Peregran, you headed inside to find the artefacts located in the centre of the Museum of Knowledge.

But Elyos Defence Troop Leader Kontesius suddenly appeared and attacked you. You chased him.

While chasing him, you were able to defeat the Artefact Protector but found it odd that he did not react.

Although you had your doubts, you arrived in the Library of Counsel where you saw the Elyos Agent pouring a powerful energy into the Artefact Core.

Agent Peregran and the Artefact Protector reached you just as you were about to kill Kontesius and Ostia. They restrained the Elyos Agent.

The seriously injured Elyos Agent retreated, and Agent Peregran and the Artefact Protector tried to stabilise the unsteady Artefact Core.

But the situation didn't look good, and Abyss Rifts were created from which Otherworld Monsters emerged.

While you repelled the monsters' attack, Agent Peregran successfully stabilised the core and closed all the Abyss Rifts again.

But the Artefact Protector told you it will not remain like this, and there may be problems again in future.

Agent Peregran said it was crucial to find a solution quickly.

Full quest's text:
Atreia's Protector, you have come a long way!

Now that everyone is here, I'll explain the plan.
To solve the problem of the Artefact of Knowledge, we need to find the artefact and stabilise it.

According to the documents from the Temple of Knowledge, it is located in the centre of the Museum of Knowledge known as the Library of Counsel.

The vibrations are getting worse because the artefact is so unstable. Please hurry.

The Artefact Protector warned us that the Artefact Core might cause problems again. We need to find a solution quickly.

I'll send you a message when we're ready.

Basic Reward
icon 40 757 397 XP
icon x 405 720
Optional Reward
- Manastone: Power +5
- Manastone: Health +5
- Manastone: Agility +5
- Manastone: Accuracy +5
- Manastone: Knowledge +5
- Manastone: Will +5
Additional info
Recommended level75
Repeat count1
Can share
Can cancel
RaceAsmodian Only
ClassWarrior, Scout, Mage, Priest, Engineer, Artist, Gladiator, Templar, Assassin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, Chanter, Cleric, Gunner, Bard, Aethertech

This quest opens access to following quests:
[Instance/Group] Bulion, the Monster from the Rift

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