ID: 24052
Icy Kurngalfberg
icon Quest
Type: Campaign
Category: Beluslan
Lv.: 41
Asmodian Only

Talk to Kistenian in the Camp Kistenian. Go to the The Sacred Orchard and wake Kasadrasil with Elim Anoramas' Essence[pl:"Essences"]. Wake Kasadrasil with Elim Triminos' Essence[pl:"Essences"]. Wake Kasadrasil with Elim Etun's Essence[pl:"Essences"]. Defeat the summoned Frost Parasite[pl:"Parasites"][%14]. Return to the Camp Kistenian and report to Kistenian. Orders: Kistenian, a Daeva of the Flame, needs help to melt the frozen city of Kurngalfberg. Offer him your services.
Because of Ereshkigal's Curse, the ice city at the Kurngalfberg has been covered by a sheet of ice for 700 years. Kistenian, a Daeva of the Flame, was instructed to bring the city back to life. But he needed Kasadrasil's help to thaw the city.

He said that the city can only be saved if the Elim Kasadrasil awakens. So he asked you to awaken Kasadrasil with the help of the essences of Anorama, Triminos and Etun.

When you applied the essences of the Elim, Kasadrasil slowly awoke. When Kistenian learned about it, he was delighted and said that the ice on the Kurngalfberg could now be thawed with Kasadrasil's help.

Full quest's text:
I don't know how long I've been trying to thaw the Frozen City on Kurngalfberg now. It has been under a sheet of ice for 700 years.

Had Ezekiel not so foolishly rebelled against Ereshkigal, it would not have to come to this.

Sure, Ezekiel was an excellent priest, but he left a lot to be desired in many other areas. The entire city was doomed in the end, just because of his pride.

The Daevas of the Flame are doing everything they can to thaw the Kurngalfberg, but it's no easy endeavour. The frost goes deep down into the ground, so thawing the city is not that easy.
We Daevas of the Flame need help to thaw the Kurngalfberg.

That's why we're placing all our hopes on the Elim Elder, Kasadrasil.

Because he has the Life Force.

But a powerful spell has put Kasadrasil in a deep sleep.

So we must do everything to wake him up.
You help is needed to thaw the ice city at the Kurngalfberg.

Kasadrasil can be awoken with Essences of Elim.

I'll give you the Essences of Elim. Take them to the The Sacred Orchard and awaken Kasadrasil.
It's good to hear that Kasadrasil has reawakened.

Now it will be possible to melt the ice on Kurngalfberg.

One day, people will be able to live in this town and be happy again.

It's all thanks to you, Player. Thank you very much.

Basic Reward
icon 10 462 313 XP
- Power Shard: +30
Optional Reward
- Beluslan Elite Legionary's Cloth Gloves
- Beluslan Elite Legionary's Vambraces
- Beluslan Elite Legionary's Leather Handguards
- Beluslan Elite Legionary's Chain Gauntlets
- Beluslan Elite Legionary's Chain Handguards
- Beluslan Elite Legionary's Plate Gauntlets
Additional info
Quest giverKacias
Recommended level41
Repeat count1
Can share
Can cancel
RaceAsmodian Only
ClassEngineer, Artist, Gladiator, Templar, Assassin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, Chanter, Cleric, Gunner, Bard, Aethertech

Quest requirements
Not accepted quests:
Suppressing the Bakarma Legion
Not completed quests:
Suppressing the Bakarma Legion

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