ID: 2074
Looking for Leibo
icon Quest
Type: Campaign
Category: Reshanta
Lv.: 999
Asmodian Only

Talk to Scoda. Travel to Ishalgen and talk to Munin. Travel to Pandaemonium and talk to Kasir. Talk to Lyeanenerk. Travel to Reshanta and find Lugbug. Activate the Artefact of the Inception. Talk to Lugbug again. Tell Scoda of the results. Orders: The oracle Scoda is secretly searching for you. Meet her in the Primum Fortress.
You heard that Scoda, a Protector of Divinity in Primum Fortress, was looking for you. When you went to her, she told you that Munin wanted to see you.

You visited Munin in Ishalgen. He said you needed to see your distant future precisely to change your destiny, and he asked you to get help from the mysterious Leibos. You found Lugbug on Leibo Island with the help of Kasir and Lyeanenerk. He showed your future to you through the Artefact of the Inception.

Afterward Scoda gave you a gift and said she hoped you found the wisdom you sought.

Full quest's text:
A long time ago, I received a letter.

It was from one of my friends, and your name was written on it, Player.

The letter said that you would someday come to Reshanta. And on that day, I was supposed to reveal myself and send you to the letter's author.

(She looks around and speaks to you in hushed tones.) I am Scoda.

I have been asked to send you to someone when you are strong enough to come to Reshanta.

Go and see Munin in Ishalgen. It sounds like it must be something important. You had better get going right away.

I'm sure I don't need to remind you that we must keep this conversation to ourselves.

It wouldn't be good if it became public knowledge that a High Priestess is friends with the banished Munin.
You must have met Scoda...and that means you've reached Reshanta. Reshanta!

The Aether flowing through your body is different than it was when last we met. You've grown a great deal, Player.

But that growth--that second childhood--is over. It's time to change your future. change the outcome of your future battle with Hellion, I need to alter threads of fate that exceed my reach.

Exceed my reach...exceed my power. But there is another who can help you.

In your travels, have you heard legends of Leibo?

A "what," not a specific "who." I've never seen them firsthand, but they live somewhere in Reshanta.

The Leibos manage the Artefact of the Inception, which lets you see and influence the distant future.

Go to Kasir in the Hidden Library in the Pandaemonium's Temple of Knowledge. If anyone knows how to find the Leibos, it's him.

Also, acquire an Artefact Activation Stone. It doesn't matter whether you make it yourself with alchemy or purchase it. But without it, you can't use the Artefact.

You come to me...and I see desperation in your eyes.

Don't worry, you are hardly the first. You can trust both my wisdom and my discretion.

If Munin sent you to me, it must be important. He's not supposed to circumvent his confinement, even indirectly.

I know how he feels--I am essentially confined to the Hidden Library. The only difference is that I'm not exiled beyond contact with my people.

As for the Leibos, I know there is a Leibo Island somewhere in Reshanta. The rest is just conjecture.

Find Lyeanenerk in the Airship Dock and ask about the Leibos.

Supposedly she knows every corner of Reshanta, so she must know something about Leibo Island.

Most Shugos will do anything to please us. But if Lyeanenerk seems to be holding something back, mention the debt that she owes to Kasir.

You're asking me where Leibo Island is?

Why do you ask me such a thing? It's only a legend! Akakak!

I am only a laborer working in the Airship Dock. I know nothing about Reshanta. I don't even know the legends, yes?

Are you threatening me? Nyerk, nyerk...OK, but tell no one else!

Leibo Island is on Reshanta's lower layer, near the center. I don't know exactly where...honest!

The Leibo chief...or shaman or named Lugbug...or something like that.

Attend! What brought you here, Daeva?

I see your face. I can tell.

You're here to see your future.
Take action! Activate the Artefact of the Inception.

Do so, and your future will unfold before your eyes.

Report! Did you see what you want to see?

In your future, I saw Hellion.

He exists to test your destiny, Daeva.
Consider! You can't do anything about Hellion.

But you can improve yourself. Never kneel down or give up!

For your destiny, Daeva, can become the destiny of Atreia.

Meddling with the future can be a dangerous thing, even for the wisest among us. But I hope you saw what you needed to see.

Take this. It's a gift that many of us--all secret friends of Munin--hold close to our hearts.

May you walk in Azphel's shadow, Player. Or in Munin's shadow, for that matter...

Basic Reward
icon 1 225 484 XP
icon x 1 500
- Reviving Elemental Stone
- Manastone: Maximum Flight Time +4
- Silver Coin
- Silver Coin Chest
- Petra Medal
Additional info
Recommended level31
Repeat count1
Can share
Can cancel
RaceAsmodian Only
ClassWarrior, Scout, Mage, Priest, Engineer, Artist, Gladiator, Templar, Assassin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, Chanter, Cleric, Gunner, Bard

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