ID: 20011
Flower that lives on Death
icon Quest
Type: Campaign
Category: Narakkalli
Lv.: 66
Asmodian Only

Talk to Cautious Bastikan in the Chamber of Guidance in Narakkalli. Follow the Passage to the Tranquil Path and investigate the Immobilised Asmodian Daeva[pl:"Daevas"]. Investigate the Dying Asmodian Daeva[pl:"Daevas"] on the Tranquil Path. Investigate the Suffering Asmodian Daeva[pl:"Daevas"] on the Tranquil Path. Follow the Tranquil Path to Sakrapes' Roots. Protect Bastikan while he gathers his strength in order to destroy Sakrapes' Roots. Defeat the Klaw Gatherers of the Fallusha Army (5). Once Sakrapes' Roots have been defeated, go to the Altar of Tranquillity and defeat the Ancient Fallusha[pl:"Fallushas"]. Defeat Arrogant Frida (1). Defeat Envious Invida (1). Defeat Angry Ilda (1). Defeat Greedy Grida (1). Complete your tasks at the Altar of Tranquillity and finish the investigation of Narakkalli. Speak to Sorrowful Bastikan at the Altar of Tranquillity. Go back to Nosra and report to Agent Peregran. Order: Help Annihilation Arrow Patrol leader Bastikan and investigate Narakkalli.
Bastikan told you that he lost his people and his son in the last mission. This time he wants to save them at all costs and return with them.

He told you that a huge number of surviving Daevas were taken somewhere on the Tranquil Path and he wants to follow them to find out more about why they're being sacrificed.

You followed the Daevas on the Tranquil Path and found patrol leader Stalk, who had been drained by giant roots. You found out from him that Sakrapes is growing in Narakkalli.

You defeated the Fallushas, who want to use their magic to make Sakrapes grow, but Frida managed to escape the last battle with Sakrapes.

She transformed Bastikan's son Shureik into a monster to stop you following her. Shureik attacked Bastikan so you had no choice but to defeat him. Bastikan was seriously wounded in the process.

You reported what happened to the agent and she told you that she was worried because of Sakrapes. Nevertheless, she was happy that now no more Daevas can be sacrificed and she thanked you.

Full quest's text:
The last time I came to Narakkalli with the Freedom Arrow Patrol my son was with us too.

His name is Shureik and he wanted nothing to do with fighting. He loves his books... But because of his incapable father, he underwent gruelling training and became a Daeva. He was assigned to my unit.

This was his first mission... But I wasn't able to protect him or the others.

But thanks to you and your comrades, Player, I've been given another chance to come here. This time I will free the Daevas and the Annihilation Arrows from the clutches of the Balaur.
In Mahorosh's Report it states that the Sakras that aren't dissected, distilled and presses are taken somewhere else.

Mahorosh calls the abducted Daevas 'Sakra'. Then there's a chance the living Sakras could include Daevas.

They were taken somewhere else on the director's orders. No doubt this will be connected to the Passage to the Tranquil Path, for which Mahorosh is responsible.
(With a bitter smile.) Thank you. I hope so.

Based on Mahorosh's Report, we now know that the Daevas are being brutally sacrificed in order to make Sakrapes grow.

Unfortunately, it doesn't, however, contain any information about what Sakrapes is and why they want to make it grow. Maybe we'll find out more about this on the Tranquil Path.

I don't know what awaits us there, but I'm certain it'll be more dangerous and arduous than the current situation. Do you want to come with me anyway?
Right. Then let's get going.

Please follow the Passage to the Tranquil Path in the next area and find out more about the Daevas' location and about Sakrapes. We'll meet again at a suitable location once you're done with that.

But be careful that you don't suffer the same fate as the other Daevas.
(A Daeva is wrapped in something that looks like the roots of a plant.)

(You pull on the roots but they won't budge.)
(When you touch the Daeva, his clothes crumble into dust.)

(You sense no sign of life in him. It's as if he had turned to stone or sand.)

(Although he's barely recognisable, his clothes make it look like he comes from Altgard.)
(A Daeva is wrapped in something that looks like the roots of a plant.)

(You try to tear the roots apart but it isn't working.)
Uh... uh...

(The Daeva only makes a tortured groan.)

(He's reacting to your shaking but doesn't seem able to open his eyes. He's struck dumb with the pain. He won't be able to speak to you.)

(His clothing shows him to be a Guardian from Pandaemonium.)

(You pull on the roots but they won't budge. You just seem to be hurting the Daeva even more.)
(A Daeva is wrapped in something that looks like the roots of a plant.)

(When you touch the roots, it's as if all the strength is leaving your body.)

(The enwrapped Daeva struggles for air and tries to talk.)

Who... are you?

Don't... touch... the roots... These roots... they drain your life... They're evil...

Touch nothing... Leave... before the Balaur... find you...
It's too late for me now... Aion is calling me... I want to return to the flow of Aether...

This is a terrible place. The Ereshkigal Legion is sacrificing the Daevas from Atreia... so the flower Sakrapes can bloom...

They cut them into pieces... press them... cook them... drain their life energy while they're still alive... They're all sacrificed to Sakrapes as fertiliser while suffering terrible torture.

Me and my comrades too... the Annihilation Arrow Patrol... They did it to us too... I only wish one had survived...
Do you know... Bastikan? Is he... okay?

Good... Then he escaped and returned with help. Oh ... I thank you, Aion...

Please... tell Bastikan something for me.

Behind Sakrapes' giant roots... you'll find Fallushas who are sacrificing Daevas to Sakrapes to make it grow with their magic.

Sakrapes... is a wondrous plant that Ereshkigal is supposed to be healing... It's a flower with gigantic roots...

And Shureik... our leader's son... He was the last to be taken to the Altar of Tranquillity... If you hurry, you might still be able to save him... Tell him... he must hurry...
(He nods his head heavily.) My end draws near... I can... hardly... speak...

The only chance... to protect... the Daevas... from the Ereshkigal Legion... is... to defeat... the Fallushas... Then... Sakrapes... can no... longer grow...

My name... is Stalk... May you and our leader... and the remaining members of the... Annihilation Arrows... make it home... in Aion's name...

(Stalk's head suddenly falls to his chest.)

(You shake him and try to talk to him again, but he's no longer responding.)
(He hides his face in his hands.)

Shureik... I'm so sorry...
Shureik and the other Daevas from the Annihilation Arrows fell victim to some kind of magic meant to make Sakrapes grow so that Ereshkigal can rise once more.

We were able to stop them completing their spell, but the ancient Fallusha Frida was able to escape with Sakrapes.

It may not have been fully grown, but we still won't be able to stop Ereshkigal's resurrection. Sakrapes has absorbed too much Daeva blood and too many Daeva souls.

I wasn't able to get hold of Sakrapes or to save the Daevas, my son and the Annihilation Arrows. I've never hated myself so much for my own weakness.
(Laughs weakly.) It's only a small consolation but don't I have you and your comrades to thank for that, Player? I am most grateful for your help.

I wasn't able to protect anyone.

(Buries his face in his hands and sighs loudly.)

I'll... stay here a while. It's hard for me to leave that place behind me where my son and my comrades were sacrificed.

I'm sorry, but could you please go and make a report in my stead?
So that's what happened.

Of course, it's problematic that she was able to escape with Sakrapes, meaning Ereshkigal can now reawaken.

But you still interrupted the spell and were able to stop Sakrapes growing any further. You also rescued the Daevas so we didn't suffer even more terrible losses.

I'm sorry for Bastikan but as Daevas we must be ready to deal with these things at any time. I'm certain he will soon be able to regather his strength.

Now we must ensure that we're strong enough if Ereshkigal resurrects with Sakrapes' help.

Nicely done. Please, go and rest a little. We'll take care of the rest.

Basic Reward
icon 61 295 166 XP
Optional Reward
- Manastone: Power +6
- Manastone: Health +6
- Manastone: Agility +6
- Manastone: Accuracy +6
- Manastone: Knowledge +6
- Manastone: Will +6
Additional info
Recommended level75
Repeat count1
Can share
Can cancel
RaceAsmodian Only
ClassWarrior, Scout, Mage, Priest, Engineer, Artist, Gladiator, Templar, Assassin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, Chanter, Cleric, Gunner, Bard, Aethertech

Quest requirements
Finished quests:
Grim Truth

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