ID: 20010
Grim Truth
icon Quest
Type: Campaign
Category: Narakkalli
Lv.: 66
Asmodian Only

Infiltrate the Sakra Prison Camp in Narakkalli and then talk to the Infiltrated Bastikan. Find the Trace[pl:"Traces"] of the Destruction Arrow, destroy the generator and then report to Calm Bastikan. PlayerTalk to Calm Bastikan. Kill Director Mahorosh in the Chamber of Guidance (1). Look for Mahorosh's Report in the Chamber of Guidance. Talk to Cautious Bastikan in the Chamber of Guidance. Talk to Cautious Bastikan in the Chamber of Guidance. Order: Help Annihilation Arrow Patrol leader Bastikan and investigate Narakkalli.
Bastikan wants to free the Daevas from Narakkalli and find out more about the Ereshkigal Legion's plans. He asked you to let him know if you find any clues about the Annihilation Arrow Patrol members during the rescue.

You discovered clues about the Freedom Arrows and brought your findings to Bastikan. He thinks that they're no longer in the vicinity of the prison camp and now wants to find out where they and the other sacrificed Daevas were taken.

He told you about the director of the Sakra Prison Camp, Mahorosh. Mahorosh is responsible for the Daevas and if you kill him, you'll find out more about their whereabouts and you'll be able to find out more about the Balaur's plans.

Once you killed Mahorosh and read his report, you realised that there were far more victims than expected. You also found out that there will be many more if the Ereshkigal Legion isn't stopped.

Full quest's text:
And once again I have to go back to this hell.

This is Sakra Prison Camp in Narakkalli, where the Prigga Dredgion brought the Daevas they abducted from Atreia.

The Balaur have imprisoned the kidnapped Daevas there and are sacrificing them for something.

We still don't know why, though. All we know is that they're brutally tortured beforehand.
The objective is to free as many Daevas as possible and to find out exactly what the Balaur are up to in Narakkalli.

But you have to be quick and quiet while you do. If they catch you then there's a danger that you'll lose your companions, as I did...

I'll be fine on my own. I'd like to ask you and your companions to put your full focus on rescuing the Daevas. In the meantime, I'll try to find out what kind of place this is.
And one more thing...

If you find clues about the Annihilation Arrows during the rescue operation, could you bring them to me? Every little clue is helpful. Armour, feathers, hair...

Please inform me immediately if you find Trace[pl:"Traces"] of the Destruction Arrow on your mission. So, we'll meet again once the mission is complete. May the tide of war be with you.
You've created more unrest than I would like, but nevertheless you saved the Daevas. Although now Director Mahorosh is aware of us.

We haven't got much time. And then there was my other request...
True. This is a piece of armour worn by the members of the Annihilation Arrows. It's made of metal plate so it'll belong to Murayan or Harogen.

This weapons fragments belongs to Glitchi or Stalk and the epaulette was Bimya's. The wings are from Shureik... my son.

Is that really everything you uncovered? Are you sure you didn't, by any chance, see one of the captives wearing the same clothes as me?
I see. So you didn't find them.

But I have no time to let that get me down. Forgive me. Regardless, you've achieved our most crucial objective and rescued the Daevas.

While you were doing that, I found out more about the prison camp.

That place is more terrible than I thought. They treat the Daevas kidnapped by the Ereshkigal Legion as if they were nothing more than mere objects.
The Daevas from the Prigga Dredgion were chained up and then imprisoned.

They gave them nothing to eat or drink and simply waited for the Daevas to get weaker. The Balaur call it 'purification'.

Purified Daevas are then 'sorted' and then dissected, distilled and pressed. They then find their 'tranquillity' and are sent somewhere via the Tranquil Path.
That's totally repulsive. The Daevas are sacrificed in a gruesome magical ritual performed by the Ereshkigal Legion.

They're either tortured or the Balaur rip their wings or other body parts off, which they then use as ingredients for the spell.

But I wasn't able to find out exactly what that spell does. But one thing is clear. Daevas who get 'processed' are sent somewhere via the Tranquil Path.

Director Mahorosh is guarding the Tranquil Path. We should kill him and find out why the Balaur are sacrificing the Daevas and where they're taking them.
(The note is sticky and covered in a black fluid.)

(You should probably be careful not to tear it.)
- Sakras delivered today -

1. Daevas: 23 pieces
2. Spirits: 57 pieces
3. Holy animals: 3 pieces
4. Other: 1 piece
- Processed Sakras -

1. Dissected: 11 Daevas, 3 holy animals
2. Pressed: 7 Daevas
3. Distilled: 20 spirits, 37 Daevas
4. Other: 1 Krall, 2 Mau
- Transferred Sakras -

1. Living Sakras: 98 pieces (delivery completed: Sakrapes' Roots)
2. Dissected Sakras: 200 pieces (delivery being prepared)
3. Pressed Sakras: 102 pieces (delivery being prepared)
4. Distilled Sakras: 50 pieces (delivery completed: Tranquil Path)

Comment: Sakras that respond particularly well to magic transferred to the Altar of Tranquillity.
- Addenda -

Request 278 additional Sakras for Sakrapes' growth.

1. Daevas: 200 additional pieces
2. Spirits: 48 additional pieces
3. Holy animals: 28 additional pieces
4. Other: 2 additional pieces

I hereby confirm receipt and the stated amounts of Sakra from the Prigga Dredgion.

- Director Mahorosh

(That was everything that was in the report.)

(It would be best if you show the report to Calm Bastikan.)
Director Mahorosh is responsible for the abducted Daevas in Sakra Prison Camp and ships the sacrificed Daevas on to the Tranquil Path.

If we kill him, we can reach the Tranquil Path and find the victims.
Where did you get that? Incredible!

With Mahorosh's Report we should be in a position to find out where the victims were taken and what has happened to them.

Would you wait a moment while I read it?
According to Mahorosh's Report, they call the abducted Daevas 'Sakra' and are sacrificing them to something they call Sakrapes.

If that's true then they have ten times as many Sakras as I thought.

And that's not even the worst of it. Under the report it says that they need even more Sakras. That means there will be even more victims.

We can't allow it! You, your comrades and I: we have to do our best and stop them.

It will be a difficult task. You'd better build up some strength.

Basic Reward
icon 61 295 166 XP
- Large Magic Powder Bundle
Additional info
Recommended level75
Repeat count1
Can share
Can cancel
RaceAsmodian Only
ClassWarrior, Scout, Mage, Priest, Engineer, Artist, Gladiator, Templar, Assassin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, Chanter, Cleric, Gunner, Bard, Aethertech

This quest opens access to following quests:
Flower that lives on Death

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