ID: 1074
Fragment of Memory 1
icon Quest
Type: Campaign
Category: Reshanta
Lv.: 999
Elyos Only

Talk with Michalis. Go to Poeta and talk to Pernos. Go to Reshanta and talk to Lugbug. Activate the Artefact of the Inception. Talk withLugbug. Order: Michalis has something to tell you about your lost memory. Go to Teminon Fortress and see Michalis.
Michalis said that Pernos told him that you lost your memory and then awoke. Then he asked you if you could remember.

You said that you could not remember. Then he said that these memories could be important and suggested that you visit Pernos and ask him for help once again.

When you met Pernos, he told you that you should ask the Lugbug from the Leibo Island for help.

When you activated the Artefact of Inception on Leibo Island, you saw yourself being promoted to the Brigade General of the Mirage Legion and you saw your followers Icaronix and Ecus congratulate you.

But Lugbug thinks that what is seen is not necessarily what is true. He told you that you should find out the truth.

Full quest's text:
Player! I remember now.

I heard your name from Pernos, who told me about a Daeva who had lost all their memories and was rendered Human, only to ascend again!

That person was you, right? Did you ever recover your memories?

If I remember correctly, you used to be a Brigade General in the secret Mirage Legion...

Aren't you interested in your past? You might have forgotten something very important.

I suggest you pay a visit to Pernos if you want to retrieve your memories.

Pernos has outstanding skills.

There aren't many in Atreia who are his equal.

I'll send you to Pernos. Meet with him.
Player, I thought you might return.

You've accomplished much since last we met. Yes, I hear of you even here.

But I detect purpose in your visit today. Tell me, what is it?

Yes, I thought you might one day.

On Leibo Island in Reshanta there lives a Leibo called Lugbug. You should go to see him as soon as possible.

He is the caretaker of the Artefact of the Inception, which may be instrumental in recovering your memories.
I can no longer help you with my powers. I have already drawn on Daminu's power.

If you want to remember again, you had best go to Reshanta and meet Lugbug there.

Take an Artefact Activation Stone[pl:"Stones"] with you. If you know your alchemy well, you can craft it yourself.

You can get hold of it in a different way as well, but you definitely need to take an Artefact Activation Stone[pl:"Stones"] along.

I'm sending you to the Teminon Fortress. If you need anything else you can get it there.
You are...who?

Why did you come?

Is that Akarios I smell...?

Akarios, yes. As you come with his blessing, I'll let you use the Artefact.

You may proceed.

And still, seeing is not everything. What you see is not all there is to know.

Find that which is there to know, hidden behind what is merely there to see.

Seek that truth, Player.

Basic Reward
icon 765 928 XP
icon x 1 500
- Reviving Elemental Stone
- Manastone: Maximum Flight Time +4
- Silver Coin
- Silver Coin Chest
- Petra Medal
Additional info
Recommended level31
Repeat count1
Can share
Can cancel
RaceElyos Only
ClassWarrior, Scout, Mage, Priest, Engineer, Artist, Gladiator, Templar, Assassin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, Chanter, Cleric, Gunner, Bard

This quest opens access to following quests:
Fragment of Memory 2

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