ID: 230857
Guard Leader Achradim
icon NPC

Lv.: 65
HP: 1 736 993
Aggression radius: 40m

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Lsy 3-09-2014 12:49

Alright ,so today before the reset we entered Sauro 1 key and Ahuradim dropped mythic Polearm.So he drops weapons too.I'm not sure about the chance,but I've done it maybe 10 times so far.So 10 % chance so far.
And we I did some tests.His HP is wrong in the info ,he has 1 743 000 hp +/- 400 not counting the crits you do just before he dies.Im refering to ,when he has 3000 hp left before he dies and you make 14k crit with storm strike or something.

Admin 3-09-2014 13:27

Amount of HP will be fixed later, when we get more NPC related data. As for a drop, you can add, using a form on this page.


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ID   Name Lv. GRADE Race
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